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Where do you go when you gotta go?

Washrooms and toilets are essential public health infrastructure.

Our Goal

To make Toronto’s public washrooms more accessible to everyone, from those who are unhoused, to taxi or ride-share drivers and essential delivery workers, to those with visible or invisible disabilities who may not leave home because they won’t know where to go when doodie calls.

photo of public washroom from wikimedia commons
Photo from From Wikimedia Commons

Discovered a new public washroom?
Has a washroom suddenly closed?
Help us to verify & add new washroom locations via our feedback form.

Our Plan

Throughout the pandemic, many privately owned spaces closed their doors under lockdown, placing increased pressures on existing public infrastructure to permit for when 3+ million Torontonians have to use the loo. As time passes and seasons change, so too does access to public washrooms. Our plan is to keep up with the times, as well as the changes that come with them.

We have created a feedback form for those using public washrooms to help us update this map with new entries, to verify locations of existing reported public washrooms, and to provide additional information on the amenities and conditions of existing public washrooms in Toronto.

Photo by Mike Jones on


Created in 2021, GottaGoTO is a washroom advocacy mapping initiative created by Derek Pokora in collaboration with Toronto Public Space Committee and TOToiletCodes.

For feedback on public washrooms, and their conditions, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

To provide locations of new public washrooms in private spaces, please direct message TOToiletCodes on Twitter.

If you would like to get involved, or if you have questions about the map, please email us at: